Break The Silence

Yellow people, hope your day is going good!! I have something really important to share!! God has truly blessed me by putting an amazing person in my life. The friendship I have with Brittney Blackerby is something I will always cherish. She has been such an inspiration to me in my faith and walk with God. Not only is she strong woman of God, but you should know something about her that made her who she is today. I have gotten the chance to sit down, and talk to her about her past…

“I came from a good household and it still happened, and you can imagine what other kids go through if they don’t come from a good household.” – Brittney Blackerby

At the age of 8 Brittney Blackerby moved to a new town. That also means a new school for her. Her family and her thought it would be a good new start… sadly they were wrong. Her start of this new school also began a tragedy that she can never take back. Brittney Blackerby was sexually abused by her male teacher. The first time she remembered it happened was in September, and the last time it happened was in March. She didn’t know what was exactly going on… what he was doing to her. She found it difficult tell someone about the events that happened. Finally, one day she told her eight year old friend what had been going on… her friend told her to tell her mom. That’s how she broke the silence!!!!

Till this day Brittney Blackerby has bad dreams and memories about these horrible events that happened during her childhood. Her trust is very slim. Brittney told me this story of how one time she was at this christian concert, and she saw this dad, and his 3 year old daughter. The dad picked up his little girl, and just held her on his hip. She saw this, and started freaking out, because it didn’t look right to her. It was totally normal, and fine that he picked up his little girl…

Me: “Are you more aware because of what happened?”

Brittney: “I am more aware of my surroundings, and more aware of the fact that it happens a lot more common than people think. I’ve met so many people who are survivors, and more than likely you know someone who is, but they haven’t told.”

Me: “With your situation how has it made you into the person you are today?”

Brittney: “It has become my life in everything that I do. From counseling, to ministry, to everyday activities. I see break the silence in everything that I do.”

God continues to use Brittney in His glory, we should all support, and participate in Break The Silence!! Let’s all pray for Brittney as she reaches out to more people!! Let’s all pray for these people who are sexually abused… that they finally BREAK THE SILENCE!!!! Know that God can use each, and every one of you if you put your faith in HIM!! Everyone has their own individual testimony… SHARE IT!!!!!!

I also asked Brittney if their was a bible verse that helps her through this…

Genesis 50:20 “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”

Wear BLUE on April 18th for BREAK THE SILENCE!!!!

To support Brittney Blackerby in this amazing journey here is her PayPal link:

To see Brittney Blackerby’s live interview with the news here is the link:

This happens to 1/3 girls, and 1/5 boys before the age of 18. If you need to break your silence please call the this hotline number: 1-800-422-4453

Thank you so much for reading!! Remember to wear your blue on April 18th! Let’s all go break the silence!!!

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